Rol Bagas Facebook - List of Facebook Groups

Ollgemmyn - General

I pledge to become more fluent in Cornish - The main group for Kernewek on Facebook currently. Great place to share links and get help with Kernewek questions.

WE LOVE KERNEWEK, OUR CORNISH LANGUAGE - A secondary group for general Kernewek discussion.

Komparek - Specific

Kawghbostya - Mimyow Kernewek/Memes in Cornish - A shitposting and meme group for funny posts in Kernewek.

Kernewiki - For people of any level interested in working together on writing and editing Wikipedia articles in Kernewek.

Practice Cornish Conversations - For beginners and all Cornish speakers to practice conversing and help each other.

Prag Na? - To increase engagement with Kernewek through social activities.

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