Kanow yn Kernewek - Songs in Cornish

Hengovek - Traditional

A-Z Kernewek

An Awhesyth (The Lark)
An Eos Hweg (The Sweet Nightingale)
An Rosen Wynn (The White Rose)
An Wedhen war’n Vre (The Tree on the Hill)
An Vowes a Lulyn (Newlyn Maid)
Antempna Kaswydh (Cadgwith Anthem)
Avorow Karolli My a Vynn (Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day)
Bre Gammbronn (Camborne Hill)
Bro Goth Agan Tasow (Old Land of Our Fathers)
Delyow Sevi (Strawberry Leaves)
Deun Alemma (Let's Go)
Dewlagas Vyghan (Lil Lize/Little Eyes)
Galargan Konstentin yn Keryer (Constantine in Kerrier Funeral Hymn)
Goonlas (Goonlaze)
Gwandryas Iwerdhon (Irish Rover)
Goos Nelson (Nelson's Blood)
Ha Gwandra (A-Roving)
Jonni Bucka (Johnny Bucca)
Kan an Cider (The Cider Song)
Maggi Me (Maggie May)
Morgan Farwell Lannwedhenek (Padstow Farewell Shanty)
Para Hern (Curing Pilchards)
Trelawny/Kan an Dus West (Song of the Western Men)

English A-Z

A-Roving (Ha Gwandra)
Cadgwith Anthem (Antempna Kaswydh)
Camborne Hill (Bre Gammbronn)
Constantine in Kerrier Funeral Hymn (Galargan Konstentin yn Keryer)
Curing Pilchards (Para Hern)
Goonlaze (Goonlas)
Irish Rover (Gwandryas Iwerdhon)
Johnny Bucca (Jonni Bucka)
Let's Go (Deun Alemma)
Lil Lize/Little Eyes (Dewlagas Vyghan)
Maggie May (Maggi Me)
Nelson's Blood (Goos Nelson)
Newlyn Maid (An Vowes a Lulyn)
Old Land of Our Fathers (Bro Goth Agan Tasow)
Padstow Farewell Shanty (Morgan Farwell Lannwedhenek)
Strawberry Leaves (Delyow Sevi)
The Cider Song (Kan an Cider)
The Lark (An Awhesyth)
The Sweet Nightingale (An Eos Hweg)
The Tree on the Hill (An Wedhen war’n Vre)
The White Rose (An Rosen Wynn)
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (Avorow Karolli My a Vynn)
Trelawny/Song of the Western Men (Kan an Dus West)

Arnowydh - Modern

Amser gans Gwenno
An Baner Anken (The Flag of Grief) gans Speet
An Gan Basti (The Pasty Song)
An Strethow Nansian gans Tony Snell
An Vorvoren a Senor gans Julyan Holmes
Eus Seghes Dhis? (Are You Thirsty?)
Fordh an Dalvann (Way to Tolvaddon) gans Matthew Clarke
Kernow Ow Thre (Cornwall My Home)
Kerra Kernow (Beloved Cornwall), written by Richard Gendall
Kolon Sans Hwath (​Another Sacred Heart) gans Mick Paynter
My Pan Esen Ow Kwandra (As I Was Walking) by Navan
Ow Avon Splann gans Brian Webb
Ro Dhymmo Cider gans Julyan Holmes
Ryb an Avon gans Tony Snell
Sav Yn-Bann gans Matthew Clarke

Kanow gans The Changing Room

Gwrello Glaw (Let it Rain)
Roev, Sos, Roev (Row, Boys, Row)
Yntredha Dowr a Res (A River Runs Between)

Albom Le Kov (Place of Memory album) gans Gwenno

Kanow gans Graham Sandercock

Kataloni (Catalonia)
Poll Pri (Clay Pit)

Albom Omdowl Morek (Sea Wrestling album)

Kanow Pop Treylys - Translated Pop Songs

A-Z Kernewek

Agan Chi (Our House) gans Madness
Ahwer (Panic) gans The Smiths
A Ny'm Kerydh (Don't You Want Me) gans The |Human League
An Byd Palyow (The Ace of Spades) gans Motörhead
An Den Hudel Ma (This Charming Man) gans The Smiths
Ardhow Gwynsek (Wuthering Heights) gans Kate Bush
Bewa orth Pesadow (Living on a Prayer) gans Bon Jovi
Chi an Howl Sevel (House of the Rising Sun) gans The Animals
Difun Vy Kyns Ty dhe Vones (Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go) gans Wham!
Diwedh an Norvys (The End of the World)
Domhwelyans (Revolution) gans The Beatles
Evrek Nowydh (New York, New York) gans Frank Sinatra
Genes po Hebos (With or Without You) gans U2
Gocki (Crazy) gans Gnarls Barkley
Gorwer (Heroes) gans David Bowie
Gwynn Ow Bys (I Feel Fine) gans The Beatles
Gwyns a Wav (Winter Winds) gans Mumford and Sons
Hav Naw ha Tri Ugens (Summer Of '69) gans Bryan Adams
Hi A'th Kar (She Loves You) gans The Beatles
Kadillak Rudh ha Minvlew Du (Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache)
Kerdhes War'n Loor (Walking on the Moon) gans The Police
Kernowes yn Pow Sows (Englishman in New York) gans Sting
Kerri (Cars) gans Gary Numan
Kolon a Owr (Heart of Gold) gans Neil Young
Lester Sedhi Melyn (Yellow Submarine) gans The Beatles
Lewya Ow Harr (Driving in my Car) gans Madness
Lodi gans Creedence Clearwater Revival
Melder Unnweyth Moy (Baby One More Time) gans Britney Spears
My 'Veu Genys 'Dann Steren Wandrek (I Was Born Under a Wandering Star) gans Lee Marvin
Neppyth (Something) gans The Beatles
Ni Yw an Gampyoryon (We Are the Champions) gans Queen
Pellgowser (Telephone) gans Lady Gaga
Ple'ma Ow Gwlanek? (Where's My Jumper?) gans Sultans of Ping
Pobel Lenter Lowen (Shiny Happy People) gans REM
Rewlya an Norvys (Rule the World) gans Take That
Rhapsodi Bohemek (Bohemian Rhapsody) gans Queen
Rockya Oll A-Dro Dhe'n Bys (Rockin' All Over The World) gans Status Quo
Stervarner Trevel (Urban Spaceman) gans Bonzo Dog Band
Tandhalether (Firestarter) gans The Prodigy
War an Fordh Arta (On the Road Again) gans Canned Heat
Y Hwren Dha Rockya (We Will Rock You) gans Queen
Y'm Trollydh Oll A-Dro (You Spin me Right Round) gans Dead or Alive

English A-Z

Baby One More Time (Melder Unnweyth Moy) gans Britney Spears
Bohemian Rhapsody (Rhapsodi Bohemek) gans Queen
Cars (Kerri) gans Gary Numan
Crazy (Gocki) gans Gnarls Barkley
Don't You Want Me (A Ny'm Kerydh) gans The |Human League
Driving in my Car (Lewya Ow Harr) gans Madness
Englishman in New York (Kernowes yn Pow Sows) gans Sting
Firestarter (Tandhalether) gans The Prodigy
Heart of Gold (Kolon a Owr) gans Neil Young
Heroes (Gorwer) gans David Bowie
House of the Rising Sun (Chi an Howl Sevel) gans The Animals
I Feel Fine (Gwynn Ow Bys) gans The Beatles
I Was Born Under a Wandering Star (My 'Veu Genys 'Dann Steren Wandrek) gans Lee Marvin
Living on a Prayer (Bewa orth Pesadow) gans Bon Jovi
Lodigans Creedence Clearwater Revival
New York, New York (Evrek Nowydh) gans Frank Sinatra
On the Road Again (War an Fordh Arta) gans Canned Heat
Our House (Agan Chi) gans Madness
Panic (Ahwer) gans The Smiths
Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache (Kadillak Rudh ha Minvlew Du)
Revolution (Domhwelyans) gans The Beatles
Rockin' All Over The World (Rockya Oll A-Dro Dhe'n Bys) gans Status Quo
Rule the World (Rewlya an Norvys) gans Take That
She Loves You (Hi A'th Kar) gans The Beatles
Shiny Happy People (Pobel Lenter Lowen) gans REM
Something (Neppyth) gans The Beatles
Summer Of '69 (Hav Naw ha Tri Ugens) gans Bryan Adams
Telephone (Pellgowser) gans Lady Gaga
The Ace of Spades (An Byd Palyow) gans Motörhead
The End of the World (Diwedh an Norvys)
This Charming Man (An Den Hudel Ma) gans The Smiths
Urban Spaceman (Stervarner Trevel) gans Bonzo Dog Band
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Difun Vy Kyns Ty dhe Vones) gans Wham!
Walking on the Moon (Kerdhes War'n Loor) gans The Police
We Are the Champions (Ni Yw an Gampyoryon) gans Queen
We Will Rock You (Y Hwren Dha Rockya) gans Queen
Where's My Jumper? (Ple'ma Ow Gwlanek?) gans Sultans of Ping
Winter Winds (Gwyns a Wav) gans Mumford and Sons
With or Without You (Genes po Hebos) gans U2
Wuthering Heights (Ardhow Gwynsek) gans Kate Bush
Yellow Submarine (Lester Sedhi Melyn) gans The Beatles
You Spin me Right Round (Y'm Trollydh Oll A-Dro) gans Dead or Alive

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