Kana ha Rimyow Meythrinva - Nursery Rhymes and Songs

A-Z Kernewek

An Tiek Koth - (Old MacDonald)
Broder Jacka - (Frere Jacques)
Hickori Dicko ri Dock - (Hickory Dickory Dock)
Ow Skiber yw Leskys - (London's Burning)
Penn ha Diwskodh - (Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)
Rev an Skath - (Row the Boat)
Tren Ow Tremena (A Passing Train)
Unn Den Eth Rag Treghi - (One Man Went to Mow)

English A-Z

A Passing Train (Tren Ow Tremena)
Frere Jacques - (Broder Jacka)
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - (Penn ha Diwskodh)
Hickory Dickory Dock - (Hickori Dicko ri Dock)
London's Burning - (Ow Skiber yw Leskys)
Old MacDonald - (An Tiek Koth)
One Man Went to Mow - (Unn Den Eth Rag Treghi)
Row the Boat - (Rev an Skath)

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