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General - Ollgemmyn

Memrise: Go Cornish Grade 1 - An introduction for beginners
Memrise: Say Something in Cornish revision - With audio
Memrise: Skeul an Yeth Book One
Quizlet: Piw Ov Vy (Who Am I)
Quizlet: Foundation - Dydh Da (Hello)

Verbs - Verbow

Memrise: Cornish Verbs - Verbow Kernewek - Cornish verbs and their English meanings
Quizlet: Common Verbs
Quizlet: Imperatives
Quizlet: Verbs that use Orth

Specific Verbs - Verbow Arbennik

Memrise: Bos - To Be
Memrise: Gul - To Do/Make
Memrise: Mos - To Go
Memrise: Dos - To Come

Quizlet: Gallos (To Be Able To)
Quizlet: Godhvos (To Know)
Quizlet: Triga (To Live)
Quizlet: Gweles (To See)
Quizlet: Leverel (To Say)
Quizlet: Kara (To Love)
Quizlet: Ygeri (To Open)
Quizlet: Glanhe (To Clean)
Quizlet: Don/Degi (To Carry)
Quizlet: Y'm Beus (To Have)
Quizlet: Tyli/Talvos (To Pay/Value)

Quizlet: Skrifa (To Write) Present
Quizlet: Prena (To Buy) Preterite

Vocabulary - Gerva

Memrise - Bora Brav
Quizlet: Holyewgh an Lergh, Book 1
Memrise: KDL Grade 1
Memrise: KDL Grade 2
Memrise: KDL Grade 3
Quizlet: Words Starting with GW
Quizlet: Yn Words
Quizlet: Opposites
Quizlet: Adjectives 1
Quizlet: Adjectives 2

Specific Vocab - Gerva Arbennik

Time - Termyn Places - Tyleryow Nature - Natur People - Tus
Quizlet: Days
Quizlet: Months
Quizlet: Seasons
Quizlet: Occasion
Quizlet: Place Name Nouns in KK
Quizlet: Street Words
Quizlet: Buildings
Quizlet: Chi (House)
Memrise: In the House
Quizlet: Y'n Bosti (In the Restaurant)
Quizlet: Mor
Quizlet: Garden Words
Quizlet: Vegetables
Quizlet: Wildflowers
Quizlet: Autumn
Quizlet: Farm Animals
Quizlet: Family
Quizlet: Basic Body Words
Quizlet: Body Parts and Duals
Quizlet: Bejeth (Face)
Quizlet: Hand
Quizlet: Medical Terms

Quizlet: Numbers
Quizlet: Colours
Quizlet: Directions
Quizlet: School Subjects
Quizlet: Coffee
Quizlet: Gwydhbol (Chess)

Prepositions - Rageryow

Memrise: Cornish Prepositions - Rageryow Kernewek - All prepositions, inc. personal forms
Quizlet: Position Words

Mutations - Treylyansow

Quizlet: Mutation of Letters
Quizlet: Mutations after Ow
Quizlet: Possessives and their Mutations

Other - Aral

Quizlet: Exclamations!
Quizlet: Useful Phrases for Essays
Quizlet: Question Words
Quizlet: Rules for Gender of Nouns
Quizlet: Comparative Ha
Quizlet: Ages, Avel and Yn Kever
Quizlet: Infixed Pronouns
Quizlet: Conjunctions and Subordinates
Quizlet: Indirect Statements

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