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Kanow - Songs

Karolyow ha Kanow Nadelik - Christmas Carols and Songs
Kanow yn Kernewek - Songs in Cornish
Kana ha Rimyow Meythrinva - Nursery Rhymes and Songs in Cornish
Rol-seni YouTube ilow yn kernewek - YouTube playlist of over 200 Cornish-language songs

Kovskrifva Kanow Kernewek Kesson - Kesson Cornish Music Archive

Dyski - Learning

Settys Memrise/Quizlet kernewek - Cornish Memrise/Quizlet decks - Flashcard/quiz sets online for revision
Say Something in Cornish audio course
PDF dysklyver Skeul an Yeth - PDF of the Skeul an Yeth textbook
KDL courses - Grades 1-4 of the Kernewek Dres Lyther course

Ors Sempel Verbow Warlinen - Conjugate verbs online, in KK

Cornish leaflets for beginners
Cornish leaflets for intermediate learners

Gerva - Vocabulary

Gerlyver Warlinen FSS - The online SWF Cornish dictionary
e.GERVA dictionary program download

Subreddit "Word of the Hour" yn Kernewek

Gerva Jynn-Amontya
Gerva Pel Droos


Radyo an Gernewegva - Weekly Cornish language radio show
An Nowodhow - The News in Cornish
An Nowodhow - old episodes

Pellwolok an Gernewegva - Cornish language television including monthly news programme An Mis and the Jerry hag Erel talkshow
Fylmow Berr yn Kernewek/Short Films in Cornish

Sosyel - Social

Rol a Bagasow Facebook - List of Facebook Groups
GIFyow Kernewek
Celtic Languages Discord server with dedicated Kernewek channels

Gwariow - Games

Maga Wordsearch
Maga Alien Invaders

Kowsow hag Akademek - Speeches and Academic

"The Fall and Rise of the Cornish Language" lecture by Dr Ken George at Marjon, 11 December 2019
Mick Paynter's 2011 speech to SOAS - Bilingual

Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica: Or, an Essay to Preserve the Ancient Cornith Language by William Pryce, 1790
Rhyme and Scansion in Cornish paper by Dr Ken George

Asnodhow Erel - Other Resources

Wikipedya Kernewek - Cornish Wikipedia
Bagas Gonisogeth Kernow
Kovskrifva An Gannas - An archive of the Cornish language newsletter An Gannas

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE camera in Cornish

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